Gucci Men’s YA114202 I-Gucci Watch- A Gorgeous Treat For Your Wrists!

These days work and pleasure hold equal importance in affluent societies. You need to look good and feel good when you step into that hot party circuit in the neighborhood, or an official party with your boss. If budget is not much of a constraint, you can go for this Gucci Men’s YA114202 I-Gucci Watch. It’s simple yet trendy design lends style and statement to your overall look. It will go well with any outfit and you need not worry about what to wear. This is a cool watch that has a combination of Italian design and Swiss horological craftsmanship. Its artistic aura is hard to ignore, this will definitely be a glamorous purchase for you!

Great style

Gucci is known for offering watches which go beyond stylish design. It is perfect for the man who likes to dress impeccably. It is thoroughly modern with a black dial that shows off retro looking over-sized white digital time displays. It comes with a black rubber band which carries Gucci-engraved band that gives the watch an urbane feel. The dial is surrounded by a stainless steel case. This watch will help you handle any occasion with élan.

Water resistant, scratch resistant, analog display

This first-class watch is made water resistant up to 330 ft (100 m). So you can wear it on your wrist when you are swimming, or when it is raining. Your watch will never get rusted. Also, it is scratch resistant so you can even flaunt it on your hand when you are out on an adventurous trip. The watch is engineered to show analog display which provides interaction of Frequency Shift Keying technology with an LCD screen for screen based telephone. 


  • Stylish and trendy.
  • Black dial displays digital time. Dial surrounded by stainless steel case that provides strength.
  • Black rubber band giving an urbane feel.
  • The watch is resistant up to 330 ft. This allows you to go for swimming with your watch on, or get drenched in the rain without any worry for rusting.
  • The dial is scratch resistant, so it will not get damaged so easily. Also, it is made with anti-reflexive crystal that prevents reflection in the sun.
  • The watch displays analog time.

Customer Feedback & Ratings

The customers were delighted after obtaining this watch. They have agreed that in comparison to other men’s watch, this is truly a masterpiece that is adorable and a real treasure! This superbly engineered watch works efficiently and the customers hardly have any complain. They have rated this Gucci Men’s YA114202 I-Gucci Watch 4.1 out of 5 stars at! Forget your other accessories, flaunt this trendy timepiece, you will stand out in the crowd! However, if you wish to research more on this item, you may visit, there price offers and shipping details are also provided for your convenience.

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